In 2015, after 30-years working in environmental sciences as a hydrogeologist, Paula decided to ditch an ultra-demanding ‘rat-race’, albeit interesting career, to pursue a more balanced lifestyle and her Art passion. Since then, she has not looked back. Art has become her focus, a ‘vehicle’ for self-discovery, life enrichment and balance.

Paula paints almost every day, often en plein air, mostly landscapes and flowers. Self-taught, she paints passionately with her heart, focusing not so much on what she sees but the impression, what she feels. Behind each of her paintings is a story, inspired by her childhood memories of growing up in Europe and decades of working outdoors in beautiful Ontario; travels across Canada and the US; and annual visits to her second home in Europe to hike in magical forests. Using thick oil paint applied with a painting knife and sometimes oil pastels applied with fingers and a knife, Paula’s impasto paintings are expressive and rich in colour and texture.

In Fall 2015, in Europe, Paula held her first solo exhibition and has since exhibited her Art at various galleries in and around Kingston, Ontario. Currently her work is on display at Kingston Frameworks and Gallery. Paula also creates greeting cards and prints from her paintings which are available for purchase locally at numerous retail outlets. Paula loves sharing her Art and is delighted that her paintings have ‘travelled’ and now ‘live’ on the walls of Art lovers all over the world.

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